Last night I was woken by noise and flashing blue lights, so I immediately went to the window. I saw a car on fire in the street below my flat, so I whipped my camera out. It was a bit dark for decent photos, but this is what I saw. I’ve no idea how long the fire had been burning when the fire service arrived, but I guess not long, given that the fire station is about 200m from here.

At one point the flames reached about twice this size but unfortunately I was fiddling with my camera’s settings to try and get a sharper image.

Car fire

The fire service quickly brought the flames under control and eventually put them out.

Car fire

You can see the ghostly outline of a fireman in this picture, backlit by the blue lights of the fire engine.

Car fire

The car is still there this morning, just a shell of its former self. I hope they remove it soon – it’s an eyesore on an otherwise pleasant street.

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