Canon Pellix QL

Released 1966

The Canon Pellix looks like any other Canon SLR of the 1960s or 70s, but it has an important difference. The mirror in the Pellix is fixed and always directs light to the viewfinder and to the film simultaneously. You avoid mirror vibration, but lose some light. If you’re using the built-in TTL meter then this is accounted for but if you are using a handheld meter remember to add an extra half-stop.

My sample works nicely but the leatherette from the stop-down lever is missing, the film counter doesn’t advance and the film advance lever doesn’t automatically return when winding on.

See photos taken with the Pellix.

Canon Pellix QL
Canon Pellix QL

At a glance

Lens Canon FL mount
Film 135
Focus SLR microprism
Meter CdS with match-needle

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