Canon A-1

Released 1978

I own several Canon FD-mount SLRs but I’ve fancied an A-1 for a while. I think it’s the alluring black paint, rather than the silver fixtures of most contemporary SLRs. I think these hard-edged SLRs are much prettier than the curved plastic bodies that appeared in the 1980s.

The A-1 also has the advantage over most of my other Canon SLRs (the AE-1P and the FTb, but not the T90) that it can be used in aperture-priority as well as shutter-priority mode.

See all photos taken with the A-1.

Canon A-1
Canon A-1

At a glance

Lens Canon FD mount
Film 135
Focus SLR split screen & microprism
Meter CdS with program

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