Gloucester countryside

This is the first roll of film I have had processed as slides. I don’t (yet) have the capability to process slides in my darkroom so I decided to shoot a couple of rolls and send them away to a lab to see if I liked the results.

Turns out I love the results. The colours are so bold and saturated, even if the resolution isn’t quite as good as negative film. My scanner hasn’t done these pictures justice – they just don’t compare to viewing them on a projector at home. Nonetheless, these are my favourites.

First there’s the obligatory shot of Troopers Hill. These pictures were taken on and around the hill in the late afternoon when the sunlight was golden.

Troopers Hill
Dandelion clock
The rest of these pictures were taken on our recent weekend break to Gloucester. I already published some black & white pictures of Gloucester cathedral & docks, but here are some more that were shot in colour.

Gloucester docks
Rusty dock building
The rest were taken on a ramble in the countryside around the Hempsted area of Gloucester. As country walks go, it was a bit of disaster. We encountered flooding, were chased by cows and Hannah went to hospital after an accident involving a barbed wire fence. (She’s OK!)

St Swithun’s church, Gloucester
Gloucester countryside
Gloucester countryside
Gloucester countryside
Gloucester countryside

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