Recreating a famous photograph

I decided to set a tricky Photo Challenge this week – recreating a famous photo.

For my own entry, I decided immediately that it should be in black and white. Rather than imitating a fine art photograph, I tried to think of famous documentary or news-related photos. Probably due to the fact that I saw this article about an iconic image of Obama, I had the theme of American presidents in my head.

I remembered that I used to do an impression of Richard Nixon some years ago, and so I decided to try and recreate his photo. I’m not quite sure when this one was taken, but I think it might be May 1973, as he promised “no whitewash on Watergate“.

Overall, I’m pleased with my result. Comparing it to the original, I think my face could be a bit lighter, and I could do with longer hair for backcombing! 😛

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