This week the Photo Challenge theme says we have to take a photo that looks like it has been edited – but hasn’t. I decided to shoot a set of fake-miniature shots, otherwise known as tilt-shift. These days, this is usually done with Photoshop but it’s also possible to create the effect at the timeContinue reading “Mini-Bristol”

Tilt-shift miniature fakes in GIMP

As posted on my photo blog yesterday, I faked a tilt-shift miniature model of the A4 in the Avon Gorge. I’d never tried it before, so I followed this guide on how to do it. It was pretty straight forward, but I’ve recreated the steps here, with my own modifications. Step 0: Take a photoContinue reading “Tilt-shift miniature fakes in GIMP”


Recently I’ve heard quite a lot about “tilt-shift” photography, or “fake miniature” photography. Done with a proper tilt-shift lens, you can mess with the lens to make a real scene look like a model. It’s also possible to fake the effect in post-processing, which is what I’ve been concentrating on since I don’t have aContinue reading “Toytown”