Somerset Towers project continues

The weather has been bad lately and quite a lot of the Somerset Levels is still suffering from flooding. Last weekend though, the sun peeped out for a little bit so I decided to check the flood maps and head to some of the drier villages within easy reach of Bristol. I captured a fewContinue reading “Somerset Towers project continues”

Church of St Mary and St Peter, Winford

After excitedly writing about my new project, the Somerset Towers, I got off to a few weekends ago by visiting five churches. I chose some of the easiest ones to begin with, and started near Bristol. One of my first visits was the Church of St Mary and St Peter, Winford. I was lucky enoughContinue reading “Church of St Mary and St Peter, Winford”


This week the Photo Challenge theme says we have to take a photo that looks like it has been edited – but hasn’t. I decided to shoot a set of fake-miniature shots, otherwise known as tilt-shift. These days, this is usually done with Photoshop but it’s also possible to create the effect at the timeContinue reading “Mini-Bristol”

Old Church of St Nicholas, Uphill

Not too long ago (on the same day I visited West Quantoxhead), my travels took me to the village of Uphill, not far from Weston-Super-Mare. There is a semi-ruined church which sits on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the sea. It was a pretty building so I took a picture. I like it; thisContinue reading “Old Church of St Nicholas, Uphill”

Tintern Abbey et environs

I’ve never been to Tintern Abbey before, but it has been on my list of places to go for architectural photography for a while. This weekend I decided to visit with my friend Nathan. When we arrived, I was delighted to find that the whole area is picturesque and there were opportunities for photography atContinue reading “Tintern Abbey et environs”