This week the Photo Challenge theme says we have to take a photo that looks like it has been edited – but hasn’t. I decided to shoot a set of fake-miniature shots, otherwise known as tilt-shift. These days, this is usually done with Photoshop but it’s also possible to create the effect at the time of exposure by tilting and shifting a view camera.

These images were all taken with a Horseman 980 view camera, using either a 65mm (wide) or 90mm (normal) Topcor lens, and Kodak Ektar 100 medium format film, which is famed for its bold and saturated colours. Unfortunately my C-41 developer seems to be past its best and the colours are a bit “odd”. I also used a polarising filter to add some extra saturation.

One thought on “Mini-Bristol

  1. Tilt shift is so odd to look at, it confuses my brain! At the same time though, it’s awesome! Excellent work.

    I think the one that has worked best from the ‘miniature’ point of view is the Old Market roundabout.


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