New large format lenses

Recently I’ve had an inkling to dabble in large format portraiture rather than medium format. In particular I’ve wanted to try using older lenses with their various flaws. So far my only large format lenses have been high-quality Schneider lenses of (relatively) modern design and wide-to-normal focal lengths, so I decided to pick up some old lenses.Continue reading “New large format lenses”

The Black Dog – behind the scenes

Last week I published a picture entitled The Black Dog, which was a reflective piece on the subject of depression. I’ve had a few people ask how it was done, and while a magician never reveals his tricks, fortunately I am a photographer rather than a magician, so here goes. In order for this ideaContinue reading “The Black Dog – behind the scenes”

The Black Dog

This week’s Photo Challenge was entitled The Black Dog and it asked participants to take a picture on the theme of depression. This is my entry. This is a self-portrait with a two-second exposure time so I could move my head and blur my face. The negative was taken with a large format camera (myContinue reading “The Black Dog”

Colour pictures from black & white film

Long ago, before there was colour film, it was possible to create full colour pictures using black & white film with a set of coloured filters. This is exactly how three-strip Technicolour works. For movies, you have to use a beam-splitter to split the image into three. Each image is then passed through a different colouredContinue reading “Colour pictures from black & white film”

Life Sciences

In October 2014, the University of Bristol completed its new Life Sciences building. I’ve been wanting to photograph it since then but until now there has been continuing groundwork outside with an array of temporary fencing. The last of the fencing was removed this week, so I popped out of my office with the camera andContinue reading “Life Sciences”

Compton Martin

At the weekend I was out enjoying the sun in Somerset, and collecting more churches for my Somerset Towers project. I wasn’t specifically looking for other photo opportunities but when I saw this scene in Compton Martin I thought it was worthy of a picture. Picture was taken with Horseman 45HD using a Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar-SContinue reading “Compton Martin”