Building a darkroom from scratch

I’ve moved house a few times over the last 10 years and at each place I’ve set up my own darkroom. I started with a rented flat, where I would develop film in the bathroom sink but there was no room for printing. At a later rented house, I made a makeshift darkroom in theContinue reading “Building a darkroom from scratch”

Developing your own film

Processing your own black & white film is not too difficult and very rewarding, but lots of people don’t know quite where to start. This guide will help you get set up, get the right equipment on a budget, and be well on your way to developing your first film. Equipment There are various kits availableContinue reading “Developing your own film”

Making a darkroom print

There are tons of excellent written guides about how to work in a photographic darkroom. There are even a few videos, but because digital cameras don’t really work well in almost total darkness, the videos are usually a bit rubbish. However, I have a DSLR which has been converted for full spectrum photography (infra-red andContinue reading “Making a darkroom print”

Processing Kodachrome as a black & white reversal film

This post is aimed squarely at darkroom aficionados. I was given a roll of Kodak Kodachrome 40 in Super-8 format. It hasn’t been manufactured for years and conventional colour processing using the K-14 process has not been possible since 2010. Kodachrome does not contain coupled dyes so processing is not possible using C-41 (colour negative)Continue reading “Processing Kodachrome as a black & white reversal film”

Processing colour C-41 films at home

Processing black & white film at home is easy. You just need a changing bag to load the film into a tank in darkness, and the rest can be done in the bathroom with the light turned on. The chemicals for black & white are normally used at 20°C but can be used at roomContinue reading “Processing colour C-41 films at home”

Building a home darkroom

I have worked with film for some time now. From day one I developed my own black & white film at home. This doesn’t take up too much room, so I was able to do it in the bathroom (which is completely internal, with no window). More recently, I got into printing my negatives ratherContinue reading “Building a home darkroom”

How to develop black & white film

As my interest in photography progressed, it was only natural I’d one day end up wanting to develop film. I developed my first roll last night by following this guide. It was extremely helpful – but there were a few points it didn’t cover. I made notes while I was developing, and so here’s aContinue reading “How to develop black & white film”