Keys, music and rose

Still life photography isn’t usually a field I dabble in. You might think it would be easy, but it’s actually quite hard to make an arrangement that looks good. I’m quite pleased with this arrangement, although I’m hopeless at making up titles so it is simply called keys, music and rose. This picture was taken […]

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Archdeacon’s Visitation

Tonight at St Mary’s, the (acting) Archdeacon of Bristol visited. The church band (who usually play at Taste) were on good form and so I made these recordings. Click the links to listen, or right-click to save them. Enjoy! Be still for the presence of the Lord Holy holy holy is the Lord Credits Anja […]

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I have a large music collection, and today I wondered how physically large it might be in various obsolete formats (not including the playback equipment). In its current form, it is stored on a hard disk as 59GB of MP3 and other digital compressed formats. It has a total playing time of 718 hours – […]

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30 Day Song Challenge

Everyone on Facebook seems to be taking part in the 30 Day Song Challenge recently. I can’t be bothered to publish one item a day on Facebook, so I’ve just compiled the list here instead. Enjoy! Your favourite song – Awaken by Yes Your least favourite song – Friday by Rebecca Black A song that […]

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For a while now I’ve been using a service called Basically it (a program called a scrobbler) monitors what music I listen to and compiles statistics. I only do it because I find statistics interesting, and often I surprise myself that I’ve listened to lots of an artist that I never really considered one […]


Getting old

I realised I was getting old earlier when I was listening to an internet radio station and a trance tune came on. My first thought was that my ALSA server had gone wrong, what with the jittering and odd noises. Back in my day, trance was tuneful, I’m sure of it…

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Magazine cover

This photo was taken for Stu’s Tuesday Challenge. This week, we had to take a photo suitable for a magazine cover. This is my contribution. Below I’ve also used a tacky fake magazine editor at to produce a mockup of what it might look like on a magazine.

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