Tintern Abbey et environs

I’ve never been to Tintern Abbey before, but it has been on my list of places to go for architectural photography for a while. This weekend I decided to visit with my friend Nathan.

When we arrived, I was delighted to find that the whole area is picturesque and there were opportunities for photography at various locations. It was late in the afternoon and the light was fading, but with a tripod I was able to take longer exposures and keep the aperture small.

I shot a whole roll of film – that’s just eight frames on the camera I was using. Out of those frames, I liked all of them and I thought six were good enough to publish. That’s a remarkable “keep rate” of 75% – much better than you’d expect with digital!

For me, these pictures may even represent my personal best since I started getting into landscape photography seriously. Some of these will definitely be going on my wall.

I used a Horseman 980 view camera, with 65mm wide-angle and 90mm normal lenses, loaded with Ilford FP4+ film. The negatives are 6×9cm, and after being scanned, gave me images of roughly 70 megapixels.

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