Google sat nav?

No, I’m not savvy to some leaked press release or anything like that. But I was wondering the other day how long it might be before we see a Google sat nav device on the market. Think about it – they already have maps of most of the world and software that is capable of […]

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A crazy idea

As I cycled to work this morning, I had a crazy idea. It’s just daydreaming and will probably never happen, but it’s fun to think about. I’ve already posted this idea to the linux-audio-user mailing list in case anyone there has any insights on synthesising/sampling engine sounds. I want to measure how fast I’m turning […]

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An unlikely correlation

I just spotted that my Nagios/RRD graphs of my home server are showing a strange correlation. From these graphs, it seems that the higher the outdoor temperature, the more free memory the system has available. I’m sure this is just a coincidence, though…

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It’s all getting too much

Perhaps my job as a mobile IT specialist is getting too much for me. Last night I had a dream that someone configured my alarm clock for push notifications and then signed me up to a high volume mailing list. When it went off this morning, in a half-awake state I irritably tried to remember […]

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GPS tracker

Since getting my iPhone 3GS, I’ve been playing with a few apps. Today I tried one called Cyclemeter, which is a GPS tracker and can provide some interesting stats about your cycle rides. I set it to track my journey to work (Speedwell – Clifton) and was quite interested by the elevation graph in particular. […]

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So long, Symbian

This week, my phone contract came to an end and it was time to say goodbye to my old smartphone – a Sony Ericsson P1i. I thought it fitting to say a few words. Don’t confuse this with a review for a 3-year old phone – this is more like a comparison between the early […]

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The house of the future

Some years ago, my dad bought me a book about electronics, computers and robots from a jumble sale for 10p. It was published in 1984 and probably about 15 years out of date when I received it. Today I came across it on my bookshelf back at my parents’ house, and there’s a double-page spread […]

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MSI motherboard woes

About a year ago, I built a computer based upon the MSI P45 Neo3-FR motherboard. I chose it because it offered the ICH10R chipset with Intel Matrix fakeraid (but that’s a whole other story). Overclocking At the time, I was disappointed with the board because I was not able to overclock – not one tiny […]

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