Lens designations

These days, camera lenses are high-tech pieces of kit. Each manufacturer uses many abbreviations and acronyms to refer to the various technologies and it can get confusing to compare lenses – especially when different manufacturers use different names to refer to the same technology. You can look up the abbreviations on each manufacturer’s website (see […]

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The wrong side of the camera

I’m usually the photographer, and rarely the model. It’s not that I dislike posing for pictures, mostly that I don’t often get asked. But recently I offered to take part in Drew’s “1/52” project – each week, he takes a picture of a man wearing a hat. It was fun – I was relaxed in […]

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I took this snap of my hand casting a shadow on the wall. The shadow had a strange effect because the light source was a row of LEDs.

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Goodnight, Bristol

Taken from the top of Troopers Hill, overlooking Bristol, while I was actually out looking for the Pan-STARRS comet that should have been visible, but sadly wasn’t, due to atmospheric haze and light pollution. I processed this photo to make it monochrome, add a hint of sepia and fake some film grain to make it […]

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It’s about time I had a new profile picture. I took these recently for a client. In the first picture I’m relaxing with a coffee, and in the second I’m pretending to have toothache. It’s probably best not to ask!

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