AMD Opteron

This week’s Photo Challenge is entitled “go for gold”. We have to send in something related to gold. I decided to photograph the underside of a computer processor – an AMD Opteron – which was on my desk. The pins are gold-plated.

AMD Opteron

From a super-macro like this, the scale is hard to tell. In real life, the gold pins are about 2mm tall. The macro equipment I used gave me a magnification of around 3:1. Something expensive? No. This was a Helios-44M lens, dating back several decades. It’s a 58mm f/2, but the magic here is a macro bellows, which I extended out to about 13cm. Lighting was with a very bright LED lamp (not pictured).

Please excuse the quality of this setup shot – taken on an iPhone without flash. Also try to ignore the mess on my desk 😉

Setup shot

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