Abstract colour

This week Paul set the Photo Challenge, and he chose “abstract colour“. The short version is that we have to take some crinkled foil and shine coloured light on it to create an abstract sea of colour. These are my two favourite attempts at the Challenge. The first one used a blue light source with […]

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Hannah’s new glasses

Last time Hannah got some new glasses, I photographed them on the table. This time, she was kind enough to let me take her picture wearing them. While the flashes were set up, I asked her to point the camera at me (it’s about time I had a new profile picture!). I wasn’t planning to […]

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Fake magazine covers

This week’s Photo Challenge says we have to take a picture and turn it into a fake magazine cover using one of the many online generators. I’ve had a few ideas but rain has stopped me from shooting most of the them. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. They look bad in the […]

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Testing a zoom lens

When I bought my 450D I started out with the standard 18-55mm lens, and added a 70-300mm to cover most of the usual range of focal lengths. But when I’m on lunchtime photowalks I don’t want to carry two lenses, nor repeatedly change between them. I often miss shots that need a longer focal length […]

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Horseman 6×9 lenses

In theory, the Horseman 6×9 cameras such as the 970, 980, 985, VH and VH-R can take normal large format lenses – obviously with the caveat that the smaller film format means the angle of view is narrower for a given focal length. However, these Horseman 6×9 cameras have small lens boards and can’t accommodate […]

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