Fair weather cyclists

As much as I like fair weather, I’m not nearly so keen on fair weather cyclists.

Fair weather cyclists are those who suddenly take to two wheels only when the sun is out. Typically I find them to be poor cyclists, both in their control of the bicycle (e.g. going in a straight line) and their road sense and observation skills.

At all times of year, a city commute is perilous, but never more so than during the Summer months. In the warmer season, my journey to work is continually hampered by other cyclists who cycle too slowly, ride on the wrong side, ride inconsiderately or unobservantly, stop and start without warning, hop on and off kerbs without looking and make many of the other mistakes that would be obvious to any semi-experienced urban cyclist.

I’ve had quite a few near misses and close encounters with foolish cyclists so far this year.

I can’t see testing and licences ever being issued for cyclists so not much can be done about it except hope they meet a sticky end with another major category of unsafe road user – a taxi driver.

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