This is a fairly ordinary picture of the window halfway up my stairs. It was actually taken as a test shot a few weeks ago, but I like its simplicity.

The test shot itself is special because this was my first attempt at reversal processing – where you end up with a positive rather than a negative. Obviously when scanning into the computer it makes no difference, but I want to learn how to make good positives for projection. My first set of positives were pretty thin, but were a nice proof of concept. This was a high-contrast image and came out OK.


Without wanting to ramble too much on what’s just a picture of a window, I think the reason for my thin positives was expired developer. I think I know what to do to improve, and I have about 250 feet of Kodachrome motion picture film in Super 8 format which I plan to shoot on a sunny day, and process as black & white reversal for projection.

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