The daily grind

It’s my birthday today, and Hannah bought me a Whittard of Chelsea coffee grinder. Needless to say, it grinds up beans and makes good coffee, but I also like the look of it. The base reminds me of a plinth that a statue might stand upon.

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Cracked ice

Some water gathered and froze in a canvas furniture cover. The block of ice was too heavy and too slippery to lift, so naturally my brother and I smashed it. And here’s a close-up of the end result.

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Another portrait

This is another portrait of Hana, along the same lines as many I’ve done before. But this time, inspired by Stu’s recent challenge entry, I had a go at lighting the background with a coloured flash. It’s OK, but the LCD on my camera isn’t very good and since looking at the photo on my […]

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Light & darkness

I took this photo for this week’s Photo Challenge, on the theme of Light & Darkness. It’s an unusually opaque bottle of wine (Fragolino, actually) backlit by a softbox. The camera was moved slightly to one side to pick up some of the reflection on the side of the bottle. The annoying mark on the […]

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Felt tip pens

Yes, it’s a boring shot of some felt tip pens in their packet. But I love how the rainbow colours line up! It’s also a really fancy packet, where the lid folds round and clicks into place as a stand, to hold the pens in this position. This appeals to my geek side.

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An evening view

The other night, I saw a strange cloud formation at a weather front forming around sunset. I rushed to get my camera to capture it before it disappeared. The result of my haste is a pretty poor picture of a weather front, but I like it because of the way the fish eye lens curves […]

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