Burrow Mump

Yesterday I visited Burrow Mump with my friend Nathan, for the purpose of landscape photography. Burrow Mump is a hill just outside the village of Burrowbridge. Overlooking Burrowbridge and Southlake moor, St Michael’s church stands on top of the hill. Sheep roam free on the hill. I’m pleased with what I achieved – the architecture,Continue reading “Burrow Mump”

Stanton Drew stone circles

Today I went to see the stone circles at Stanton Drew. It’s kind of a poor man’s Stonehenge, but it was very quiet even on a bank holiday, due to its obscurity. There was just one man sitting in a deckchair, painting a watercolour, but I was able to hide him behind one of theContinue reading “Stanton Drew stone circles”

My first (successful) roundograph

For ages, I’ve wanted to make a decent roundograph. I’ve tried on a couple of occasions in the past, but the result has always been pretty bad. On this occasion, I appear to have succeeded in making a decent planet. I will definitely revisit this, and endeavour to find a more interesting landscape than aContinue reading “My first (successful) roundograph”