Stanton Drew stone circles

Today I went to see the stone circles at Stanton Drew. It’s kind of a poor man’s Stonehenge, but it was very quiet even on a bank holiday, due to its obscurity. There was just one man sitting in a deckchair, painting a watercolour, but I was able to hide him behind one of the stones in each photo I took šŸ™‚

I shot some traditional landscape-type photos with my RB67, but the film isn’t finished yet, so you’ll have to wait. After my success last week, I also took a roundograph of the stone circle with my 450D. Compositionally, it is more interesting but technically I don’t think the stitching is so good.

Stanton Drew stone circle

Still, it’s another pleasant picture to look at until I develop the film from the RB67, and until I get round to making a roundograph in an urban location.

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