Churches in Burrow Mump & Pensford

I took these two pictures with my Horseman 980 view camera on two separate trips to Somerset. The first is a view of the ruins of St Michael’s Church which sits on the top of Burrow Mump, overlooking the village of Burrowbridge. The second is a view of St Thomas à Becket Church in the village of Pensford. ItContinue reading “Churches in Burrow Mump & Pensford”

Burrow Mump

Yesterday I visited Burrow Mump with my friend Nathan, for the purpose of landscape photography. Burrow Mump is a hill just outside the village of Burrowbridge. Overlooking Burrowbridge and Southlake moor, St Michael’s church stands on top of the hill. Sheep roam free on the hill. I’m pleased with what I achieved – the architecture,Continue reading “Burrow Mump”