Post Office woes

The Post Office really is an inconvenient organisation.

Last night I sold two items on eBay and consequently had two (fairly large) parcels to post. This was around 9pm so I put the parcels to one side, and decided to post them on my way to work in the morning – pushing my bike and carrying the parcels to the post office on Lodge Causeway – around half a mile away from my home.

When I got there, the post office was shut and there was no visible sign with the opening hours, because the shutters were opaque. Useless.

I didn’t know the whereabouts of any other post offices in the area, so I decided to proceed onwards on my bike, and post the parcels in Broadmead – which is on my route to work, although around 5 miles away.

So I cycled cautiously and slowly, and eventually arrived at Broadmead, thankfully not having dropped either of the parcels. I got to the post office around 9am, but according to the sign, it doesn’t open until 9:30am. Useless!

Of course these post offices both shut at the end of the working day too, so I have no way of posting anything unless I take time out of my working day – and since the Queens Road post office was closed last year, that involves a decent walk from my office. It also means taking all my parcels to work in the first place.

And while I’m on the topic, how about the opening hours of the Royal Mail parcel collection depots? Usually something like 8am until 12 noon. How come these open so early? Why can’t they open normal post offices at this time?

Why can’t they have any services open in the evening, when people actually want to use them? Because they’re useless.


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