Tower cranes

Ever since a couple of tower cranes were erected just across from my office, I’ve had a photo like this in mind. First I didn’t have a camera on me, then I brought it to work but it got switched on in my bag and ran its batteries flat. Then it was terrible weather for a week.

Finally today it was sunny at the right time, my camera was present and functional, so I nipped out of the office in the afternoon to shoot this photo.

I had to hold my camera high and aim it through a small gap in the fence. I couldn’t see the viewfinder so I had to just hope it was pointing the right way. It’s actually a 3-frame HDR, shot handheld, on tiptoes. Who says you need a tripod for HDR? 😉

Ideally I’d like to be between the two cranes, but as you can see that would put me squarely in the middle of the building site. Still, I hope there will be a few photos of this construction site over the next few months, as the Bristol University Life Sciences Building takes shape.

Tower cranes

Also included here is another picture I shot of the two cranes about a month ago. I entered it into the “Work the edges” Photo Challenge but it never made its way onto my personal website.

Tower cranes

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