Baltic cruise: Copenhagen

Our first port of call was Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

Unfortunately the weather on the day wasn’t great (grey and rained on and off) but being British we put our brave faces on and walked around in the rain.

The walk from the dock to the centre of the town took us past the statue of the Little Mermaid, supposedly the most iconic sight in the city. I hadn’t actually heard of the statue before, but it was fairly unimpressive.

The Little Mermaid

Getting into town a bit, we saw this advert. Sounds like the title of a cheap porno, but the translation from Danish actually means final sprint.

Slut Spurt

A few paces further on, we arrived at Nyhavn (translation: New Port), a 17th century waterfront which is now dominated by cafés and bars. The sun came out, so we took a boat trip with a tour guide, and I took quite a few photos.

Firstly of Nyhavn itself:


Then our boat ventured out a little, and we passed the new opera house.


Then the rain really started pelting. Fortunately our boat had a sliding perspex roof, but the passengers of the Sommerfuglen weren’t so fortunate.


We passed lots of other grand buildings but unfortunately with the rain lashing down and the perspex roof closed, there was no point in taking pictures. Coming back into the Nyhavn again a little later, I saw another Danish sign that immediately appealed to my immaturity.

Max 4 Knob

We passed a moored boat on which there was a handful of bhangra drummers and dancers. A small crowd had gathered but I couldn’t see anyone throwing their Kroner into hats.

Bhangra dancers

To be continued…

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