How couriers should be

As someone who frequently makes online purchases, I am a frequent user of courier services. But on this occasion, the seller that I bought from used a courier that I haven’t experienced before – Interlink Express. And I have to say, they’ve done everything right. I am impressed by their level of service, and I think other couriers should follow suit. It’s not exactly rocket science – it’s taking care of the little things.

Firstly, they sent me an email the day before my parcel was due to arrive. This is really handy, as it gives me time to make arrangements to be at home – rather than the usual scenario where it turns up without warning and oh – I’m at work. Commence long drive at inconvenient time to wherever their depot is.

They also sent me an email on the day to let me know the parcel was on the van.

I was also impressed by their online order tracking. It seems to me that most couriers who offer this service have very vague entries such as “Dispatched” and nobody is quite sure what this means. They also never seem to update their status. City Link are pretty bad at this – once I received a parcel from them and for days afterwards it still claimed it was on the van.

Interlink Express provide detailed information on their tracking page and seems to be updated promptly. Of course there’s no excuse for it not to be, in the age of barcodes, databases and PDAs. But it makes a nice change nonetheless.

Here’s what their tracking page says about my order:

Date Time Location Event Status
06 Nov 2009 13:24 Bristol Delivered, signed for by GAZELYS, using Saturn
06 Nov 2009 08:22 Bristol Delivery note printed
06 Nov 2009 08:21 Bristol On vehicle for delivery
Out For Delivery e-mail response notification sent
06 Nov 2009 05:31 Bristol Confirmed at depot
05 Nov 2009 21:47 Hub 1 Forwarded to Bristol depot
05 Nov 2009 21:40 Hub 1 Confirmed at Hub
05 Nov 2009 21:37 Hub 1 Confirmed at Hub
05 Nov 2009 16:17 Alton Customer data received
Consignment Shipped e-mail notification sent
05 Nov 2009 16:15 Alton Collected from self-labeller

When it arrived, I was asked to sign on a touchscreen PDA, and was delighted to find that within a couple of minutes the tracking information had been updated. This is how it’s supposed to work 🙂

One thought on “How couriers should be

  1. Hello Jonathan, I had to seek alternative methods of delivery when the postal strike reared its head, I own a small company in the NW and rely heavily on regular delievries. I found are upfront, honest and on time! More than most I have encountered.


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