Tour of Britain – Stage 4 in Bristol

Stage 4 of the 2014 Tour of Britain finished on the Downs in Bristol today. Hannah and I went along to support, and got a spot about 300m from the end, by Sea Walls. We were on the outside of the bend on Circular Road so we’d get a good view.

I won’t bore you with too many photos of men riding bicycles, but a particular highlight was when Bernhard Eisel passed quite slowly, rolling into the finish with another rider. Hannah cheered for Team Sky so loudly that he heard, nodded, and threw over his water bottle as a souvenir. I caught it, but unfortunately another spectator snatched it and ran. Pfft, I didn’t want a slobbery water bottle anyway.

Unfortunately I can’t identify most of the riders here because they wear their numbers on their lower back, and underneath the saddle on their bike. When they’re riding straight towards you, it could be anyone!

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