Canon EOS M

Released 2012

I purchased this mirrorless digital camera entirely to use with manual focus lenses. Canon FD lenses can’t be used on a Canon EOS DSLR without a corrective adapter which spoils the image quality. However due to the shorter focal flange length, FD (and other) lenses can be used on the EOS M with only a mechanical (not optical) adapter.

As a bonus, with another suitable mechanical adapter it can also make use of Canon EF lenses while retaining autofocus and aperture. The only downside of this is that EF lenses are somewhat bulkier than their made-for-mirrorless EF-M counterparts. But that’s OK by me, I regularly haul a Mamiya RB67 around so weight isn’t a problem.

As a digital camera, it is more-or-less the same as a Canon EOS 600D.

Canon EOS M

At a glance

Lens Canon EF-M
Can be adapted to
Film Digital!
Focus Mirrorless auto
Meter Digital

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