Tour of Britain – Stage 5 in Crediton

Having seen the end of Stage 4 in Bristol, we headed down to Hannah’s hometown of Crediton where an intermediate sprint on Stage 5 was being held on the high street.

Photography was seriously difficult here, because the crowds were thick and due to the downhill sprint, the cyclists were probably doing about 50mph. I just pointed my camera across the sprint line and held the button down. The speed of the cyclists is clear, but I managed to capture Matthias Brändle crossing the line first. He went on to win the stage in Exeter.

Metthias Brandle
Metthias Brandle

The only other photo worth publishing was of the official sprint line photographer using an iPad to capture the action in case it was necessary to check the photo finish to award points. I kid you not!

Photo finish
Photo finish

And my final comment is a shout out to the little boy in this photo. He and his younger brother were both there at the sprint line with their dad, both wearing Team Sky jerseys and really excited to see the Tour pass. Clearly dedicated fans from a young age, and this is exactly the kind of enthusiasm we need to boost cycling in the UK.

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