Clouds over Brandon Hill

This week’s Photo Challenge was stormy skies. Unfortunately the weather in Bristol has been grey and overcast – lots of cloud, but nothing dramatic. So I decided to resort to abusing the HDR technique to create this image of Cabot Tower on Brandon Hill.

It certainly isn’t realistic, but I don’t think that matters. I like the effect (in small doses). Do you?

Clouds over Brandon Hill

3 thoughts on “Clouds over Brandon Hill

  1. Great Image. I do like the effects of HDR.
    Which of your camera collection do you use for this? And did u take multiple frames and join them for the HDR effect?


    1. I used a Canon 600D for this, but you could use any digital camera.

      It’s composed from 3 frames, one exposed normally, one overexposed 2 stops and one underexposed 2 stops.

      Then I processed the images into an HDR using an app called Qtpfsgui. There are loads of others, too.


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