Another panorama of Bristol

Yesterday I shot a panorama of east Bristol from a vantage point in north-east Bristol. It turned out OK, but it didn’t show the characteristic landmarks in Clifton and the centre. So today, I went to south Bristol and found a vantage point in Nover’s Common that overlooks most of the city.

This panorama starts at the left with Bedminster Down, including the BBC radio mast. It swings across an industrial estate into Bedminster. About one-third along, you can see the blue and red stands at Ashton Gate football stadium. Just up and left a bit from the stadium, you can see Ashton Court Manor. This is actually on the other side of the River Avon, which the Suspension Bridge crosses. About halfway along, you can see three red-brick warehouses by the docks. Close to them, the majestic Clifton Suspension Bridge. Panning further right, the traditional church spire belongs to Christchurch, Clifton, while the modern double spire is the Catholic cathedral, also in Clifton. In the foreground, the distinctive red and white blocks are flats in Bedminster.

About two-thirds along, the slender tower crossing the horizon is the Cabot Tower in Brandon Hill nature reserve. A bit further right, the fat tower is the Wills Memorial tower, part of the University of Bristol. Further right still, the square building with turrets is the H H Wills Physics building at the University. Surrounding this building, most of the other large building are part of the University, including the departments of chemistry, engineering and medicine. Slightly down the hill and more in the foreground is Bristol Cathedral.

The multi-storey building with the silver column up the side, some three-quarters along, is Colston Tower. There are numerous other multi-storeys here but the next notable one is the squat-looking one. This is by the river on Victoria Street. Moving along rightwards, the red and white tower block is in Bedminster. The spire belongs to St Mary’s Redcliffe. The silver, rounded building is in Broadmead while the blocky one with the vertical stripes is the Castlemead tower. The beige tower block is very close to the red and white one we just saw.

Finally in the distance we can see the Purdown TV mast, and further still, the yellow façade of Dower House, where I stood yesterday to take my panorama of east Bristol.

On the map below, my vantage point is the southernmost one on the map, in Knowle.

[mappress mapid=”5″]

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