The Railway Children

This week’s Photo Challenge was titled “at the movies“. We had to take a picture that could be captioned by the title of a well-known film. I frantically went through my DVD shelf looking for inspiration and found little. I scoured IMDb’s top 250 and again found myself short of ideas.

Eventually I decided to look at the problem the other way round, to pick a photo I’d like to take, and then to match it to a film. As it was a sunny Sunday afternoon, we headed over to Bitton station on the Avon Valley Railway, where there were lots of families enjoying a ride on the steam train. I waited and watched the train depart and arrive a couple of times until I saw this little girl.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Railway Child(ren).

One thought on “The Railway Children

  1. like this one Jonathan. Yes good way to look at it .. get a photo you like and choose a film that is what my intention is to do now


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