Fishponds Road

In my mind, I conceived standing in the middle of a road junction at night, and taking a long-exposure shot of passing traffic using a fisheye lens, so the traditional streaky light trails would be curved in interesting ways.

I headed over to the junction between Fishponds Road and Downend Road and stood by the front of the Cross Hands pub.

The idea didn’t quite work out as I had hoped. I think I need to be closer to the traffic (not really possible without being run over), or perhaps higher up. Next time I might try standing on the wall for some extra height.

I was also disappointed by the low volume of traffic – surprising for 7pm on a weeknight in a busy part of Bristol. A longer exposure might have helped, but I couldn’t expose for longer than 30 seconds without overexposing. The usual workaround is to use an ND filter, but sadly that’s not possible with a fisheye lens.

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