Heavenly bodies

No, sorry. This is another post about astronomy. What were you expecting?* 😉

I wrote recently about my new fisheye lens. But finding out that their original name was whole-sky lenses inspired me to have another go at making star trails with this lens. It took about three hours to expose.

I also took a much shorter photo to show the moon – which is much, much brighter than the stars. You can’t easily get both in the same picture at the same time.

After writing a scathing review of my 500mm mirror lens the other day, I decided to have another go with mine. I got much better-exposed results this time, but focussing it is still extremely difficult. This is the best I managed – so overall I’m not impressed.

* Although, in year 7 physics we did watch a video of the same name, also about astronomy. I’m sure you can imagine the hilarity among a group of 11-year-old boys.

2 thoughts on “Heavenly bodies

    1. Thanks Kathy 🙂 It doesn’t require too much patience to expose for 3 hours, because you just leave the camera and go inside and watch TV!

      The annoying part is when you realise it didn’t come out properly and you wasted a whole evening, and have to wait for another cloudless night.


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