A visit to the Eden Project

This weekend, Hannah and I went to visit the Eden Project. I went when it first opened (but was not yet completed), so it was hugely different this time. There’s a reasonably predictable selection of flowers and plants here, as well as some photos of the waterfalls.

I don’t know what any of these plants are called, so I’m not going to attempt to name them!

For some reason, there was a chessboard set up in a clearing in the jungle.

There are a few waterfalls around the tropical biome (or it might be different parts of the same one – it’s hard to tell).

New in the tropical biome this year, there’s a viewing platform called the rainforest lookout. It’s rather high up, with a see-through floor of metal mesh, and suspended from cables. The tropical biome is already rather hot and humid, and it only gets worse as you get nearer the top.

I think this picture could almost be the Amazon rainforest.

This view include a hot air balloon, which is used by scientists and gardeners to fly around the biome and inspect and maintain the canopy of the trees.

Last but not least, these sculptures in the Mediterranean biome were somewhat terrifying.

I did, of course, take a few photos of the famous exterior view of the biomes. Unfortunately the weather was very grey and overcast, and the photos just don’t look pretty. I’ve faked a bit of colour back into this panorama, but it looks more like Teletubby Land.

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