Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta A 531

Released 1937 This wonderful camera is one of the oldest in my collection, and yet I bought it specifically to use, not to look at. I wanted a medium format travel camera, because my medium format SLRs are too heavy to cycle with comfortably. This Super Ikonta folds up to a size barely larger thanContinue reading “Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta A 531”


645 is probably a mysterious code to most people, but to film photographers it represents the smallest of the medium format sizes, 6×4.5 cm. I’ve always overlooked 6×4.5 in the past, thinking that if you’re going to shoot medium format, you might as well do it “properly” and shoot at least 6×7. To me, 6×4.5Continue reading “645”

First outing with a Super Ikonta

For a while now I’ve wanted a lightweight medium format camera for when I’m travelling. I thought I’d try something from the Super Ikonta series, and eventually settled on one of the 6×4.5 models – the Super Ikonta A 531. I purchased one quite cheaply which turned out to be in quite bad condition whenContinue reading “First outing with a Super Ikonta”