Mist + Bristol = Mistol. Well, I thought it was funny anyway.

These two shots were taken on a roll of film that’s been in my Zeiss Super Ikonta A 531 for a few weeks. Many of the pictures didn’t come out, because I forgot that the 1937 Tessar lens is not coated, and flares very easily when shooting into the sun.

The first picture was taken on Troopers Hill, minutes after the solar eclipse had passed. It was a hazy morning and the juxtaposition of these people talking with the church of St Aidan in the background was too good to miss.

The second picture is a view from Bristol’s centre towards the floating harbour. It was a slightly misty day anyway but I saw thick mist swirling around over the water. I wondered why the mist had gathered in such a concentrated area, and then I thought a boat was on fire. I later found out that it was a public art installation to highlight climate change.

Both pictures were taken on Ilford FP4+, scanned and had the tones added digitally. Physical prints from these negatives with chemical toners do exist too 🙂

One thought on “Mistol

  1. I remember rowing a boat here in 1974 wow been in Canada long time now


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