Halls of residence

The other day, in my role as a member of university IT staff, I visited a hall of residence to install some wireless networking equipment. It’s out of term-time so the hall was unoccupied, and Chris and I had the building to ourselves. It was quite eerie  -a building normally full of people and noise […]

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Springtime in Bristol

From the title, you were probably expecting some shots of nature. But no – these photos are taken from a couple of walks around Bristol docks with Paul and Ian. This week has been the first sunny week since last year and it was really good weather for taking photos on film. As this film […]

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Old roof tiles

If you have read the caption for the photo “Terracotta quilt“, you’ll notice I said almost all the rooves were re-tiled. This is one of the few that evaded damage in the conflict and was not replaced.

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Terracotta quilt

All the tiled rooves in Dubrovnik are bright and orange, partly because the city was shelled in the Siege of Dubrovnik in 1991/2, causing extensive damage to the buildings. Almost all of the rooves have since been replaced. It also helps that no cars are permitted in the old city. Seen from the city walls, […]

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