Springtime in Bristol

From the title, you were probably expecting some shots of nature.

But no – these photos are taken from a couple of walks around Bristol docks with Paul and Ian. This week has been the first sunny week since last year and it was really good weather for taking photos on film.

As this film was a colour one (Fuji Superia 200) I had it done at Patchway ASDA. The usual photo guy wasn’t there, and instead it was a young woman who looked young enough such that she’d never seen film before. The photos came out OK, but she stuffed the negatives into a paper envelope where unfortunately they became scratched and dusty on the fibres. I have now nicknamed her the lint bint.

Anyway, on with the photos. This shot is a view over the Christmas Steps.

This is a view of the newly refurbished Colston Hall.

This is number six, of which street I cannot remember.

The next two photos are chains ‘n’ cranes by the dockside.

And these are some new apartments, overlooking the docks.

Finally, as we trudged wearily back to the office, I spotted this handrail on the steps behind the cathedral.

2 thoughts on “Springtime in Bristol

  1. Very nice shots there Jon, I like the one of the cranes near the docks, and the chain. Take it these were the shots you were talking about the other night.

    Haha! ‘lint bint’ love it.


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