Bristol, but hold the bleach

For these pictures of Bristol, I tried a technique called bleach bypass. The images were shot on colour film, underexposed by one stop and then during colour development, I skipped the bleaching step, so you end up with a black & white image superimposed over the colour image. It does really strange things to theContinue reading “Bristol, but hold the bleach”

Halina Paulette Electric

Released 1967 This is a simple viewfinder camera with an uncoupled selenium light meter. It’s reasonable, and OK to use. What the light meter adds in usability over fully manual cameras, the lack of any kind of focussing aid takes away. See all photos taken with the Paulette. At a glance Lens Fixed 45mm f/2.8Continue reading “Halina Paulette Electric”

Photos from a Paulette

Recently I was given a Halina Paulette Electric, dating back to 1967. It’s similar to the Braun Paxette, but more cheaply made. As usual, I took it for a spin with some black and white film. The quality didn’t blow me away, but perhaps even more lacklustre was my inspiration that week. First here’s aContinue reading “Photos from a Paulette”