Bristol, but hold the bleach

For these pictures of Bristol, I tried a technique called bleach bypass. The images were shot on colour film, underexposed by one stop and then during colour development, I skipped the bleaching step, so you end up with a black & white image superimposed over the colour image. It does really strange things to the contrast and saturation of colours. This is how the images came from the film – they have not been edited.

As this week’s photo challenge is 20 feet below, there is a natural tendency of these photos to focus on things seen from a vantage point.

2 thoughts on “Bristol, but hold the bleach

  1. Interesting effect there, I like the way it seems to accentuate the most vivid colours, whilst the rest is nearly b/w.
    Have you started developing colour film now?


    1. Yeah, I can develop B&W and colour negative film at home. Can’t (yet) do colour slide, but I hope to get the stuff for that soon.

      Still can only make B&W prints though, again I’m hoping to get the stuff to make colour prints.


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