A quad-light portrait

This week’s challenge from Stu was Limitations. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with the most fantastic idea. What would you shoot if time, money and skills were no issue? Then work within your limitations to realise your dream. See what unique surprises occur. I’ve always fancied taking some […]

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Portraits of Hana

Today I read about some various techniques for lighting portraits. Of course it’s not good just reading about things – you have to try them. These photos were all lit using one flash camera left, 45° from Hana, and one camera right at a lower power, 90° from Hana. I’m pleased with the way Hana […]

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More experiments with film

After reasonable success with my first roll of film, I’ve now had my second roll developed. Here are the best shots from that selection. I’m rather pleased with the compositions and the way the lens behaves. But I’m not so keen on the noise in dark areas of the film, so next time I will […]

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