Mini-break in Dunster

These pictures were taken during a short break to Dunster for my birthday. Dunster is a tiny village near Minehead which has a wonderful castle and also a church that is one of the Somerset Towers. We also called in a Lynmouth, Lynton and Minehead. Driving to Lynmouth and Lynton involved crossing Exmoor. It was […]

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Playing with my new camera

This week, Hana bought me a Braun Paxette Electromatic II, dating from 1960 or thereabouts. I’ve shot one roll of film in it so far. Looking at these photos, you’ll see that the quality is bad – both from poor focus, camera shake due to the slow (fixed) shutter speed, and that most of them […]

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An evil wizard

I painted this scene in art class in year 8 at school. It’s a pretty poor painting, but I was very proud of it at the time and evidently still proud enough to put it on my website! I came across it in a box of papers the other day and scanned it in. Unfortunately […]

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