Mini-break in Dunster

These pictures were taken during a short break to Dunster for my birthday. Dunster is a tiny village near Minehead which has a wonderful castle and also a church that is one of the Somerset Towers. We also called in a Lynmouth, Lynton and Minehead. Driving to Lynmouth and Lynton involved crossing Exmoor. It was beautiful to look at, although with steep slopes and tight bends my eyes were on the road and the camera was safely in its bag!

These pictures were all taken using a Canon T90 and Ilford FP4+, rated at ISO 80. Most were taken using a Canon FD 24mm f/2.8 lens although a couple were shot with a Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 lens. Quite a few of the photos from the 24mm lens seemed a bit soft compared to ones I’ve taken before with a similar 28mm lens. I’m not sure if it has a problem – more testing required!

I also shot another roll of film in a different camera, but unfortunately the film advance went a bit wild and tore the film without me realising – so there are no pictures from that camera.

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