Finding the perfect astro imaging setup

Well, “perfect” is a strong word. No matter what you’ve got, there’s always something better. This article is about my hunt for some suitable equipment for deep-space astro-imaging, inspired by the recent purchase of a new telescope for imaging. Ideally I’d be out using it right now, but it’s forecast to be cloudy until furtherContinue reading “Finding the perfect astro imaging setup”

Andromeda Galaxy

Some time ago I got a new telescope – a Celestron 130EQ-MD Newtonian rather than a Celestron NexStar 127 SLT Cassegrain-Maksutov formula. In short, it is more sensitive to light but sacrifices magnification. It’s perfect for deep-space observation like nebulae and galaxies, while the Maksutov is better for observing planets which are much brighter andContinue reading “Andromeda Galaxy”


It’s winter, it’s dark early, and the Arctic snap passing over the UK means it is nice and clear in the sky. Last night I went to my top-secret stargazing location in Somerset. It’s far enough to avoid the worst of Bristol’s light pollution, but there is still an orange tint in the sky. It’sContinue reading “Astrophotography”

Solar System

A friend on Facebook pointed out that it was very clear outside tonight. I looked out of the window, and it was indeed – so I grabbed my telescope and decided to try harder at astrophotography (rather than plain old astronomy). In the past, stuff that has looked great through the eyepiece have been disappointingContinue reading “Solar System”

Astrophotography tutorial: shoot the Moon

Whether or not they have an interest in astronomy, at some point most photographers are likely to take a picture of the Moon. There’s a lot more to astrophotography than you might think, so I’ll walk through this step-by-step guide on shooting the Moon. Capturing the best source image It’s important to capture the bestContinue reading “Astrophotography tutorial: shoot the Moon”

Lenses for astrophotography – a comparison

I love photography, and I have an interest in astrophysics and astronomy. It only makes sense to combine them, and have fun with astrophotography. But which equipment is best for the beginner without breaking the bank? Let’s explore the options. Some interesting photographs can be captured using a wide-angle lens to view the whole sky,Continue reading “Lenses for astrophotography – a comparison”

Taking pictures of the night sky

I recently moved from a flat in Kingswood to a house in Fishponds, on the very outskirts of Bristol. It overlooks the massive Oldbury Court Estate, which shortly gives way to the countryside. Compared with Kingswood, there is hardly any visible light pollution here – at least to my urban-accustomed eyes. Back in Kingswood theContinue reading “Taking pictures of the night sky”