LOMO Lubitel 166 Universal

Released 1980 This is my first TLR. I saw it at a car boot sale and snapped it up for a bargain price. At the time of writing, this is my only medium format camera with the ability to focus, and with control over the aperture and shutter. It’s much more rewarding to work with […]

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Photos from a Soviet camera

These are the first photos I’ve taken with my Lomo Lubitel 166. It’s my first TLR, and my first camera which takes square photos. You might not think it would make much difference, but I like the square format because it saves having to decide whether to go landscape or portrait. The Lubitel has geared […]

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New camera: Lomo Lubitel 166

I’ve been on a bit of a rampage with vintage cameras lately. Not content with three “boring” Canon 35mm SLRs, I recently acquired a late 1950s Paxette point’n’shoot and a mid 1950s Conway box camera. The Conway was my first foray into the world of medium format, and I like it. Only days after developing […]

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