Photos from a Soviet camera

These are the first photos I’ve taken with my Lomo Lubitel 166. It’s my first TLR, and my first camera which takes square photos. You might not think it would make much difference, but I like the square format because it saves having to decide whether to go landscape or portrait.

The Lubitel has geared lenses to keep them both in focus. The viewing lens shows the true focus and has a ground glass centre to make it easier to adjust the focus correctly. However I think my two lenses have slipped and come out of alignment, because all of these photos are a little out of focus. This will be something to fix in due course 🙂

Here’s my mother, sitting in the garden. I like how the picture could almost be of a Victorian lady; somehow timeless.

This is St Paul’s Church, Nuneaton, and my family standing outside it.

And finally, a shot of Barton Fields, Bristol.

I like this camera!

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