Upgrading to Windows 7

I don’t use Windows much, except on my home media centre. For a while I’ve been running Vista and I’ve generally been impressed with the Media Center application. I read about Windows 7 and was pleased to hear about the Ultimate Steal protomotion for students (and those with .ac.uk email addresses). The high prices of […]

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My first shot at developing

This is me, sitting on the edge of my bath, looking dead chuffed because my first attempt at developing film seems to have come out perfectly! I will, of course, scan and upload the best ones as soon as I can. (They’re still drying at the moment). Update: the best photos from the roll are […]

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Building a bottle battery

If you read my blog, you’ll have seen my recent review of my RSP Asteri 2 bike lights. I talked about making a bottle battery, and now I have. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos after the first couple of steps but never mind. What you’ll need I used the following parts, but you can […]

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Autumn sunset

Autumn this year seems to have brought with it some fantastic sunsets looking south from Kingswood, Bristol. I would like to point out that the colours of these photos have not been enhanced on the computer. What you see is exactly what I downloaded from the camera.

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