Priory Church of St Mary, Usk

Last week, Matt and I visited the Priory Church of St Mary in Usk, South Wales. Our visit centred around the large pipe organ which boasts three manuals (keyboards) and horizontally-mounted trumpet pipes.

Usk pipe organ
Usk pipe organ

We were both a bit out of practice but I made some recordings anyway. There are mistakes aplenty but these three pieces show some of the sounds this organ can make. Note the opening of the Wedding March, which uses the trumpet. It’s loud enough to hurt your ears when you’re sitting on the organ stool! Another cool sound available is the the trombone pedal stop, which I only use for one note – the final chord of Heav’n and the Earth display.

When I’ve got some more practice in, I plan to return to Usk and record the organ again. It really is a pleasure to play and to listen to.

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