Gloucester cathedral

Still playing catch-up with the backlog of films! This trip to Gloucester took place weeks ago but I’m extremely pleased with the photography. Many large churches and cathedrals don’t allow tripods so I’m forced to shoot handheld and to use fast Delta 3200 film, which brings its own set of limitations. Gloucester cathedral is welcoming to photographers and tripods are permitted (provided you purchase a photo permit from the gift shop for £3*) so I was able to shoot slower film (Ilford FP4+) and get finer grain in the negatives, with the luxury of being able to set the aperture to my heart’s desire and drag the shutter instead. The range of tones is much smoother and I think these negatives will enlarge really well.

These were all shot with my Mamiya M645 and Mamiya Sekor 35mm f/3.5 N ultra wide angle lens.

* That’s less than the coffee I bought on the way there so I’m more than happy to support the cathedral in this way.

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